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That term ‘survival sex work’ is possibly the most Orwellian phrase yet invented by defenders of the sex industry, aside from, perhaps, ‘underage sex work’ (aka child rape). The fact that people who claim to be progressives and feminists can deploy it so easily speaks of the deep cognitive dissonance they have concerning the sale and purchase of sexual access to another human being, a dissonance that the term ‘sex work’ itself was deliberately created to foment.

What does it say about leftists, when they can justify and normalise a situation in which (as the term ‘survival sex work’ acknowledges) people, mostly women and children, are forced to repeatedly endure dangerous sex they don’t want in order to survive?

What does it say about liberal feminists like Fong and their vaunted commitment to meaningful consent, nay, ‘enthusiastic consent’ as the standard for ethical sex? When, if you have no home and no money, your consent means nothing more than having dangerous, painful and unwanted sex with strangers because your only other option is dying? What does it say about them that they are blithely unconcerned about the fact that untold numbers of men are so alienated from any feeling of humanity for women that they find it pleasurable to use the bodies of women who are forced to ‘consent’ to sex in such desperate circumstances?

And yet, the phrase. ‘survival sex work’;, which describes just such a situation, rolls so easily, so glibly, off the tongue of ‘intersectional feminists’.

-Donkey Skin @ Feminist Current (via chocolate-lantern)

but omg ur taking away their agency!!!!! i kno its always 100% of the time totally empowerfulest cuz i read a blog by an upperclass white first world college student who’s a sugar baby!!!!!

stop bein so sex negative, teyre usin the patriarchy against itself!!!!!!

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(via lord-kitschener)

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Anonymous asked: what actually happened at dashcon to make it so awful? ive seen lots of stuff making fun of it and complaining, but nothing explaining why


It is one of the biggest errors in world history and here’s why:

  • Although starting in the middle of summer with a few small battles, it eventually dragged on for almost six months into a brutal winter
  • The Russians’ scorched earth policy surprised the French and made the French’s advances much more treacherous and costly
  • Napoleon’s thirst for a full victory was impossible to satisfy because the Russians refused to engage in any prolonged battles, instead wisely choosing to use guerrilla tactics to decimate an already broken, famished, and sickened French Army
  • Over 17,000 French troops lost their lives each month during the disastrous campaign

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