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And now an important update from Mozzarella.


Don’t underestimate the power of my cat.

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"They [male pornstars/pornographers] rape women. I can’t even begin to tell you how many girls are ‘out of it’ while huge men, maybe five or six men, are on this one female, raping her.

It’s a male-dominated industry, yet, a lot of people go: “Well, don’t women choose,” and I say: “Based on what education do these women make an informed decision about being in the porn industry?’ All they see, is one side: glamor. They see other pornstars going - ‘I Love It!’ or maybe a couple contract girls, who are really what the porn industry use to show people, ‘This is really what porn is!’ when it’s not true.”

The contract girls are not the majority. The majority of women in the porn industry, are 18 and 19, 20 year old girls, who are first-timers, who they picked up online, Facebook or MySpace, Craigslist or SexyJobs and they promise the girls: “Hey, just come here for modelling - just bikini modelling!” - and the girls are excited…

and then you fly there and then you find out you’re in a hotel with some [sleazy] pornographer..

…and they don’t care how many times she says: “No, stop. I can’t. Please stop, it hurts.” They don’t stop and I have the footage to prove it.”

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Shelley Lubben (left side of screen)

“Two Ex-Porn Stars Uncover The Truth About Porn.”

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I don’t even press play anymore I just reblog

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Everywhere that prostitution has been legalised/brothelised there has been a dramatic increase in both the legal and illegal sectors. In Australia, one year after legalisation, the illegal ‘sex industry’ had more than doubled (Sullivan & Jeffreys, CATW). In Amsterdam, children’s charities reported a 300% rise in child prostitution following legalisation (ChildRight). It is common business sense that traffickers and pimps will target countries where it will be easier for them to operate, where they can advertise freely and run no risk of criminalisation. And correspondingly, that countries which have outlawed the buying and selling of other human beings will be less attractive. This is the case in Sweden, where in 1999 a law was passed which decriminalised all those involved in prostitution and instead criminalized the buyers. At the same time the Government directed large sums of money into providing exit services, housing, education, legal advice, welfare and health care etc. This law is being credited with a reduction in child prostitution and trafficking and a decrease of over a third in the number of pimps operating brothels.

Prostitution Is Violence Against Women
Labour Left Review, November 2007


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For those who say that legalization is harm reduction.

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